The Art of Love

One Plastic Cup Called Star Wars

There is a little plastic cup. It normally sits around the kitchen sink, until my favorite little toddler Kaitlyn would return. She would run into the room, asking whoever happens to be there for some more “fresh squeeze”… that is, fresh orange juice. Then, it proceeds to become a rotation and normally long debate between her princess cup with the stars and the sparkles… and Star Wars. 

Sometimes, when she decides it is time for us to play, she pulls out a huge stack of paper. She takes out her little pink template and a blue marker, and she traces out little blue hearts and stars across the paper. For her final touch, she always tells me, “this one is for Ibrahim!”… Then proceeds to write his name in her shaky all caps letters.

It always amazes how even at such a young age, those two could feel such a strong bond. A mutual relationship and maybe even toddler love.

Her dad would ask her, “Kaitlyn! Who are your friends at school?”

And while her response was hilarious, it really struck me just how deeply they felt for each other.

“Ibrahim,” she would reply.

“Nobody else?” Her dad would respond.

“Nope!” She says, “that is enough.”

Now for someone who can barely recite the ABCs or count to thirty, I was pretty impressed… and maybe even a little jealous.

Why couldn’t normal relationships nowadays be like this? Why couldn’t it just be straight up feelings? No complications. No drama. No nothing. Just chasing each other around the park. Inviting each other to birthday parties. Sharing little sippy cups. Riding the swings hand in hand despite the clear warnings from the parents not to. Matching outfits with each other. Why can’t normal relationships now… be like that?

It’s funny, I keep telling myself that I am waiting for the right guy to approach me. I am waiting for some of my friends who I have and may always be waiting on to mature and become less… ick and more caring, but maybe what I am really waiting for is just a little bond. A little childhood bond. Straight up feelings. No complications. No drama. No nothing.

Just sharing one cute little cup together, Star Wars… or not.


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