The Art of Love

Thinking Out… Love

You think you love someone.

You think it is going to last forever.

You smile and you laugh.

You do everything a normal couple would do.

You play the part.

But sometimes that just may not be enough.

You have to be fearless enough,

To one day, truly stop pretending.

Only then, will you really love.

Only then, will it ever…

Last forever.


Is it enough to just play? To hide behind everything that you live and breathe and stand for? What you want. Is that not enough to love? Is want not the same as love? What you pretend. Is that not the same as love? Is that not loving another? Maybe wanting and pretending will just never be enough.

Special thanks to my first little crush, Zach, for teaching me that want… does not make something real… just as pretending does not make someone alive.


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