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Me, Myself, And Fun!

May 2 – Brothers and Sisters Day
May 3 – First time I have ever lost my voice
May 4 – Star Wars Day {May the fourth be with you}
May 5 – Apparently, I’m a shallow bitch… but wait, I already knew that.
May 6 – Cousin’s Birthday

This week was pretty eventful. Just kidding it was not really. Despite all the people and the activities and all the fun going on around me, I could not help but feel so alone.

I needed something new. I needed something fun.

Maybe it was just the fact that there were so many people around me, doing things they loved to do and enjoying it, and I realized all week, I never went to go practice. I never did any conditioning. I never read a single bit of a book. And I am barely keeping up with writing new posts every day too. I am honestly finding it to be tough.

Anyways, I realized, there needed to be something about me that changed. Rather than stressing about finals 110% of the time, complaining about my voice the other 90% (and yes I know that adds up to 200%), I have compiled a list of a few fun things that might get you up and moving and having a little fun in the comfort of your own room.

  1. Making a playlist – As boring as that sounds, personally I have always found there to be an unknown thrill in the beauty of just plugging in some headphones, screaming at the top of your lungs crappy songs, and mixing a bunch together into a long list for some purpose or another. By the way, for some reason, I have suddenly become immensely interested in pop piano ballads or remixes, whatever they are called these days. Let me know if you have any suggestions!
  2. Playing around on Tinder – As immature or boring as it sounds, the interview questions involved in making a tinder are quite entertaining, and occasionally there is that hot Abercrombie guy (who might be using a fake profile pic) or that gorgeous supermodel gal (who also might be using a fake profile pic), but I mean, who says you cannot use one either! Where is the harm in a little harmless bios about yourself once in awhile? I mean half the time I am writing stories I am thinking about my author bio in the back flap of my first crisp hardcover anyways (which is probably why I also have not finished even a solid chapter in any part of any story yet… Eek.)
  3. Smash some Orbeez – My sister has a little obsession with these round clear marble balls, only… they are squishy! Perfect for stress relief, put a few on a stack of napkins or on an aluminum foil container and just smush them! Granted, it is a huge waste of a cool looking toy, but it is just such a nice stress reliever and honestly a great distraction. At the end, if you feel like it, scoop up the remnants into a mini vase and add a fake flower in it or something. Despite being all squished up, the colors are still gorgeous in the light.
  4. Bed tumbling – Now I now for some like my boyfriend, you are off at college somewhere over the rainbow and for some bizarre reason, the beds there are only twin sized. I for one… would fall off every day. That is totally irrelevant though! Stretch from a bed! Flip around! I would not recommend cartwheeling on a twin sized bed… but anything along those lines are fun fun! Sometimes, during seasons when I do not have allergies and a continuous unattractive runny nose, I would hang the lower half of my body off of my bed and read upside down. Back when we were younger, my sister and I liked to flip over our old couch, which was very nice and squishy. My grandma used to try to poke our stomachs as we were flipping. We would slide down staircase railings together injuring our butts in the process, but it was all in good fun. With or without my sister with me now, I still have loads of fun tumbling around just on my own bed… And the best part? It does not require any actual skill or flexibility whatsoever!
  5.  Speeches… To myself – I have always found it fun making speeches to myself in my bathroom mirror whenever I was feeling bored. I was a proud member of speech team throughout high school and hope to continue being a part of it later on, but anyways, one of the best categories in my personal opinion was oratorical declamation. A category where most people basically take a Ted talk, trim it down, and speak as if they are that person. Sooo, why not just turn on the computer, watch a Ted talk completely muted with subtitles, and pretend to be that person in the mirror! I promise, it is a lot funner than it sounds right now, and if anything, it will also greatly improve your public speaking too if that is something you find yourself struggling with.
  6. Freezing grapes – I am literally a professional grape freezer. That is all I have to say.

Anyways, if you all are ever bored, I really do hope one of these helps, if not feel free to give me some new suggestions! I am always looking for new things to try out and experiment with in my free time.


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