The Art of Family

Happy Mother’s Day :-)

Well, today’s Mother’s Day! To all the mothers out there reading my blog, I wish you a fantastic day… Hopefully you all will get a nice car wash or a massage or a cute little booklet of chores or even a nice gift before everything returns to the way it was… A time where you are constantly wiping your kid’s bottom… No matter how old they may be… Because from what I have heard from all my lovely mothers out there… Every day that they are around and healthy is another blessing. To all the others out there, please do something nice for anyone who has happily brought and raised you to become the amazing person you are in this world. 

I was thinking I was going to write a huge long wall about all the things my mother has done for me and all the things that I love about her on a site she probably has and will never see… but I think today instead, I am going to keep it short and sweet.

A couple days ago, my sister and I decided that we would get my mother a gift from the both of us, another charm for her Pandora bracelet, and I have to say, Pandora is genius, because they sum it up best.

“First my mother, forever my friend.”

I love you mom… forever and ever.


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