Confessions of a Teenage Gamer

Confessions of a Teenage Gamer ~ A Collection #1

People always looked at me real strangely. Sometimes I would walk down the hall, thumbs frantically typing on my small phone keyboard meandering until I was done with the message before proceeding on to class. I would walk home without once gazing up from my phone. Playing and messaging constantly from the comfort of my little iPhone 4s. 

Let’s pretend I am at an AA meeting right now or something like that, except I am not an alcoholic.

Hi. I’m Pepper, and I am addicted to phone games.

I am not just talking about games like Flappy Bird that just take pure patience or skill. I am talking about games that require chatting and teams and declares and all that bundle. The way I saw it, well it was never a game, so much as a separate job.

Now I will admit, I was never ashamed. There was a whole community behind that game. I had a home and a family. At the same time, there was always this endless banter and drama that I never could truly escape from. Popularity in a game, on a phone, with people who you have never even met in real life, is not so different from popularity in high school either.

Soon I will be starting up a little collection of some of my personally funniest, most dramatic, and any other superlatives you can think of, experiences on this site. I will probably go through and rant about some of my bestest friends on that game… Some of my worst experiences, some of my favorite memories and etc. Overall, it will hopefully be a pleasant and not too scarring walk down memory lane…

Though, feel free to laugh!

Actually, I encourage it, so I am not up here all by myself laughing at all the weird shenanigans I did way back when.


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