The Art of Life

9 Words That Will (Hopefully) Change You Forever…

So one day, not too long ago actually, my coach, wonderful as he is, walked in with another lady and screamed at the top of his lungs, “Your conditioning better be damn fine today because I have brought in someone who is gonna CHANGE YOUR LIFE.”

Yeah right, I thought… Timmer was a great coach… But he sure knew how to talk.


Sadly, I could not remember this wonderful lady’s name, but if you recognize it, please do comment below! All credits to this post and idea go to her. 🙂 I think she may also have a nice book published though I am unsure of that name either!… Eek.

Anyways, here it is, 9 words to basically change your entire outlook on life! At first, they really helped motivate and push me with my tennis to become better and strive for higher goals… But I have found that it is a great model to look at life from as well. So anyways, get out a pen and some paper… It’s time for another list.

Whenever you are faced with a challenge, it is easy to look at flaws. However, add these three words, “Up until now…” Before every aspect of yourself that you are  unhappy with. I promise it makes all the different in the world. Up until now, my volleys sucked. Even if it may not feel like it at first, it may just be the motivation you need to turn things around and make all these things… Seem just a bit more hopeful.

Next, make a list of all the things you want to do to fix those things above. In front of all of those, add these three words, “I am willing…” Up until now, my volleys sucked. Buuuuttt, I am willing to move up to the net at least ten times every practice to work on them. Something like this, could work, or it could be something less specific. Up until now, my volleys sucked. Buuuuttt, I am willing to practice them more. Anything like this can be a great idea in any situation, from a tough life decision, to schoolwork, to something as simple as a sports’ practice. I like to focus a bit on a small list of these before every practice so every day, I can walk out feeling like I did something productive. Even if the evidence is not there yet for immediate improvement, I promise if you keep it up, with enough repetition, the results will show.

Finally, take that entire list, and add at the very end, “No matter what.”

However, I guess the last step really, is to choose to take what you have written, and apply it. Make that first choice to do what it is you say you will… and I promise the results will be something amazing!

Now I may not yet be a glass half full type of person yet… But I have to say, these nine words have really changed my outlook on life, and I hope they would have changed yours positively as well!

Maybe one day I’ll even post my reaaalllyyyyy long list.

Special thank to my coach, Timmer. At home, you are the legendary dad. At work, you are the legendary boss. On the court, you are the legendary coach (who knows how to work his kids to exhaustion in under five minutes… Yeek!). But in my mind, you are a legendary role model. Thanks for always knowing just when and how to motivate me to become not only a better tennis player, but also a better person.


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