Confessions of a Teenage Gamer

Confessions of a Teenage Gamer ~ A Collection #2

Perhaps it is just a girl thing, or a “Pepper” thing… I have always found it interesting hearing about people’s first crushes. Like is it so much to ask, that you remember the first little boy or girl that made your heart flutter? That little kid that introduced you to your best friend, the butterflies in your stomach? That little kid that had you convinced that love at first sight was real?

Now my first little crush back in kindergarten is as boring as most others. Two little kids who used to sit together at lunch, share mashed potatoes (because I mean… We were immune to cooties and all), and play with fraction flash cards together (because our parents were just that convinced we were going to be future geniuses). It did not matter what we were doing, there was something so cute about his crooked smile and the funky little way he used to run with both hands in the air like an airplane.

Anyways, I thought it would be funny to start my little recount of all the time and life I had drained away in this game with something fun… And maybe a bit strange.

My first game crush, though, was very different. He was a painter. He was the funniest person I had met there at that time. He was a big shot leader that for some reason always made time to talk with me. He also happened to be forty something… with two kids, one of which was my age.

Feel free to silently judge… And laugh… Believe me I still do thinking back.

In my defense, in a game where you cannot see someone every day, it is easy to forget the little specifics, like age.

Anyways, that is totally besides the point. Outside of the game, I did not know much about him… And most days I still wonder what attracted me to him either. Maybe it was the #selfieswithapaintbrush that just made me swoon every time. Or maybe it was the fact that he was one of the few people with enough patience to talk and deal with me every time some other guy decided it was okay to take advantage of the fact that oh hey! There’s a girl! On a game predominantly for guys!

Maybe I was just real lonely, and I needed a friend. But he was the perfect friend… And always there for me.

He was one of those guys that just knew how to keep a frustrated girl level and ask without causing drama. Sounds like the perfect combo.

Our friendship was still a little bumpy along the way, even if my feelings only lasted for less than a month or so. He was more of a father to me than anything else… And later on did end up interrogating me about a little sketchy pervert situation with a much older guy… Which I might get into later. Okay, maybe he was more like an older brother. One day he had even mentioned setting me up with his son… Which I hope was a joke…

Now is your cue to laugh again by the way. Just kidding.

That aside, these days, we still talk every so often. Friendly conversations about his kids and work, school and tennis on my end and other game drama we wanted to complain about at that time. I realized after a while that we were just real good friends… I was always there for him and his guild and he was always there for me.

Back then, it was hard to find that from friends in real life… Much less any guy that I could possibly be attracted to. Rarely any would look far enough past the surface to try to see me, for me. Love me, for me.

But I guess it just made me realize that I had so much to learn… And I still had so much time to grow.

Special thanks to my first little line crush, fish and all.


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