The Art of Life

Magical Life Revelations… on a Bus

I remember the first time, my friend, an amazing swimmer, told me about her desire to quit her one true passion… We were sitting together laughing at another friends’ joke, and honestly, I thought she had gone bonkers off her head. She was off to national tournaments every other week… And yet, here she was telling me finally just how much she hated it.

Now I will admit, this was back in seventh grade… And those are the times when everyone just tries to figure out what they really want to be. What they really want to do. Who they really want to be around.

What they want to define them.

And she knew one day, there and then, she did not want all the stress of the competition, the exercise, the conditioning, the coaches… Everything. She did not want that to define her. She did not want to be known as the girl constantly skipping school for her swimming. She did not want to be the girl constantly being lectured to be a better daughter to her parents… To win more. She did not want to be the girl constantly walking to school with bags under her eyes trying to cope with her lack of sleep the previous night and another 4 am morning.

But that did not mean she did not love it anymore.

She just had to find a balance. To love something that she once adored with such a passion again… But to love herself too. For those, that are struggling to rekindle their interest in a once lost or even just struggling with a current passion… My friend said something interesting on the bus today about a personal problem that I have been struggling with.

So here they are, The Sooo Amazing and Nice Jeffrey’s Guide to Ways to Love Tennis Again…
Or for the rest of y’all, learning to love your passion again.

  1. Remind yourself of why you started to begin with, or of why you chose to stick with it. Personally, I started this sport that I love so much just to get my parents to shut up one day about being bored at home all day. However, I stayed because I loved the feeling of hitting the ball. At some point, I just needed that reminder. It reminded me to keep pushing myself despite all the times it would hurt or I would get frustrated. I stayed… Because of this.
  2. Do it for you… Not your parents or your partner. I get that they want the best for you… But sometimes only you can truly know what is really best for you. Ignore them, block them out… Something… Because at the end of the day, you are your best friend and enemy in the field, court, mountain, chair, whatever it may be.
  3. Remind yourself of what it feels like to win. Now, I know this might not always apply to everyone or every hobby… But every time you win a new match, finish a new craft, climb all the way up another mountain, well, remind yourself of that feeling. The feeling that made you smile for the rest of the day.

Now I know, I normally post lists in groupings of six… But he had to get off before saying anything else. Maybe one day I will get to finish the list up. 🙂 Until then… Well let’s just say, magical life revelations can happen on buses. 😉

Special thanks to Jeffrey… Yes, you are amazinggg and niiccceeee after all.


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