Confessions of a Teenage Gamer

Confessions of a Teenage Gamer ~ A Collection #3

I think one of the coolest things about getting to speak with so many people from all around the world, is finally getting to see the world through their eyes.

I have a wonderful friend, whose parents were in Berlin during the terrorist bombing. (Luckily, they are all okay.) Another is planning to get his first car at 15… A maserati. One of my favorite friends is planning to have a kid soon… With a girl who is not even his girlfriend yet…

But who am I to judge?

I love them all so dearly.

I have always been very close minded. I was raised in a very strict household, where many things were considered “socially unacceptable”, weird, and disrespectful.

Now I still cannot tell whether it was just me finally giving into pop culture, “living” a little more, being plain ol’ rebellious, or just finally becoming a more accepting human being, but I no longer find a lot of things I was raised to believe were wrong in that light. My parents shielded me from so much of what the real world was like, and I love that I have gotten to know others who live and breathe and celebrate each day differently. They drink often. They party often. And they have fun.

Now I am still working on that idea of fun, but maybe a little sprinkle of living in the now, Carpe diem, was exactly what I needed to finally turn my life around.

These days, I look at all those little things with, I hope, a little more maturity. I try not to judge those single dads with cute little babies. I try not to judge all those that spend just a little too much on all the wrong things. These days, I try to be supportive… Because there is no better gift from a friend than the gift of support… Even if it is just for a friend online.


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