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Hate the Sin

There is this idea of change. I get it, sometimes it is hard to grasp, the idea that one day that same person that used to push you into a lake and laugh at the scrapes and the drenched frizzy hair, would one day offer his hand to you and pull you off the ground in the middle of a struggle.

But maybe it is not just them changing… Maybe we are too.

Change happens over time, in a way that is unseen by any human until you come to realize that something is new. Something is different. Something in most cases, is better.

Maybe prior to this change, we had interpreted and seen the world differently. This one incident that suddenly blacklisted him in your mind suddenly seemed so… Trivial.

I mean after all, is it not just one more mistake to add to the humongous list of all that we have done wrong to ourselves, to our lives, to our family, to each other.

But if that is all we spread how have we gotten here? Just by hating each other? All that we do wrong by each other does make us terrible people.

Hate the sin not the sinner.


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