The Art of Growth

Support Groups

They always say that after a any injury, any surgery, you need a support group. You need someone to help you cope with not only the physical pain, but the mental and emotional pain too. The fact that you may no longer have a leg again and nobody to help you up the stairs. The fact that you may be missing a whole chunk of your stomach, and no one to help take you to the bathroom.

The physical pain may be tolerable, heck, you could have the greatest pain tolerance level in the world, but nothing could prepare you for the exhaustion that comes from trying too hard and achieving nothing. Or that empty feeling in the pit of your stomach of all the things you once could… But can no longer do anymore.

No one to share that little burden of emotions and doubts with.

So toss that physical pain tolerance behind you… Because I bet those that cope the best with anything are the loved ones.

Special thanks to Han, Tyler, and Jeffrey, for finally making me understand.


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