The Art of Family

The Story of a Long Lost Daddy’s Little Girl

Let her close her eyes for a sec,
Imagine the smell of fresh air,
Whisk in the sweet smell of innocence,
That have become too much to bear.

Let her arise out of the warmth,
And the comfort of forgotten dreams,
The little giggles and laughs,
Before awakening to the burning screams.

Let her breathe in your smile
Frolick in an empty field for a single dandelion,
Stand beside you arm in arm,
Before the light and dark all stop shining.

Let her run her hands over you,
Free of any troubles but your embrace,
Never worrying about anything,
But the next run and chase.

Let her pretend that it is not all over,
And that it is not too late,
To love you right,
Without asking you  to wait.

Let her pretend that she never had to wake up,
Face the truth… the reality,
That all she ever had, all she ever knew,
Was now fading into the black sea.

Let her pretend that she was not back there,
Grasping his hand, holding tight,
His ragged breath and helpless look,
Watching as he fought for life.

Let her pretend that his final words,
Were something she could see as true,
That he truly meant it,
When he said I love you.

Let her pretend that her daddy
Was standing right up next to her here,
Holding her hand,
And not up there.

So far lost… She forgot where to look.

Special thanks to Catherine and Charlie, for teaching me what it is like to be strong. I can only hope that Tom is looking down at the beautiful children once and always his and be proud of these blessed people he helped create.


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