The Art of Life

How Cliche

It always struck me as really funny how many places and things some of my friends have done. I was never like them. I got attached to few things, but few things fast… and man did I hold onto those things tight.

I had never been to Starbucks… Dairy Queen… Bed Bath & Beyond… Robeks… Chipotle… And despite not having a single clue as to why half those things even came up in my frequent conversations with friends, well they did anyways. And they always left me wondering… How much of life and how much of this fun… Was I truly missing?

I was not the most social, by any means. I rarely hung out with friends outside school, excluding the clubs and after school activities or sports, so people would constantly ask, Omg! So what do you do for fun then?

And I could only always come up with a list… Of everything I do not do… Everything that was maybe slightly boring or slightly wrong about the way I chose to carry out each day. Today, I thought I would share these… All the things, I wish I did more of… But did not.

  1. I wish I snapchatted more… Despite having tons of people added on there, I could never bring myself to actually snapchat them. And even though the idea itself just baffles me, on how people could get such a thrill just sending each other frequent selfies, it does not stop me from wishing I was more like them.
  2. I wish I liked coffee… Liking coffee equates to Starbucks in the wonderful US of A during the 21st century now doesn’t it? And with Starbucks comes friends and cute little cups… That and an empty pocket of change.
  3. I wish I played volleyball or danced… So I could have a huge company or team to become best friends and a family with. There would be less competition to force me to constantly beat others… And more fun trying to win in the best way I could.
  4. I wish I shopped for most of my own clothes… So I would not feel so out of place every time I did go shopping for clothes with other friends.
  5. I wish I had an infinite amount of money to dump on random stuff at Lululemon… Because despite how cliche they are, their clothes have always made me feel like a million dollars.
  6. Finally, I wish I was less cliche… Less stereotypical. More unique. But I guess we all do want to be just like the others sometimes.

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