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Confessions of a Teenage Gamer ~ A Collection #6

“Good wasn’t home so I settled for better”
“Im tryna be unforgetable”


As much of a nut as he was, my friend here who had trouble spelling unforgettable properly, he did have a point. He always came across as the outgoing type. The one who did not care about fitting in. He did not try to blend in. He just wanted to be different. To be better.

I loved how he always stood out. When everyone would lean to one side of the argument, he would play devil’s advocate until the whole story was revealed. He was a tremendous role model in that reagard.

He always also seemed to have something in common with everyone else so that there would be a conversation, just as he always tried to make everyone else feel welcomed. Not blend in… Just welcomed. And I have loved being welcomed into his groups.

Special thanks to Pooky… Welcomed… Not blended.


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