The Art of Love

Popped Gum

A doctor walks in,
Carrying a clipboard.
She doesn’t like the way,
He walks,
Or chews loudly on his gum
Or crinkles his nose,
Or nervously wipes
His sweaty palms
Against the clipboard.

Because somewhere deep down,
She already knows,
Before he even opens
His loud chewing mouth,
She knows exactly
What he’s going to say.

And I realized,
Right then and there,
That this was the last time,
She was going to be her.
So quick to judge,
Quick to assume,
Quick on her feet,
But for once she couldn’t run away.

And that little gum
In that awful doctor’s mouth

Because I guess the only question left for me would be… If I would rather spend the next ten months with the person I love… or the rest of my life with someone in her body with her face… but not her.


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