The Art of Family

The Limb Of Love

I have always been raised, grown, groomed, to love respect the idea that no parent should everhave to watch their child die… Or merely live through it. I know for a fact that most parents I know, would gladly cut off an arm or leg so their child could have the ability to walk again, or write again. So that they could make their child the best they could be. Push their child to be the best… that they could be. But at some point, these overbearing parents may just have to realize that as good as their baby is, as talented as their baby is… He’s just dying a little bit every day trying to be who he wants to be. Because as good as your child may be…. What good is he… When he’s dead?

How many limbs would you cut off then? Five? Ten? Fifteen? Because the only limb, bone, organ, any part of you, that they need… The only thing you can no longer cut off for him… Is your love.


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