The Art of Feelings


He filled her everyday,
Lie upon lie,
Until she could no longer see
That little light
At the end of her tunnel,
And the little flashing bulb
Above every little truth he told.

He drained her everyday,
Of any energy left
To love herself
And every little thing
She did to please
Not him, but her.

He showered her everyday,
With false compliments,
False smiles and laughs,
That never truly reached
His eyes anymore.

He treated her everyday,
Like a small burden
In his massive life,
Like an extra puzzle piece,
Waiting to be broken off.

And perhaps, the worst part…
Deep down, she knew,
She was slowly drowning
In his own problems,
Leaving no room for her own.

Their heads so deep underwater,
So close,
Yet so distant
And out of reach.

Until she finally…


Special thanks to Victoria, for our little deep conversations.


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