The Art of Love

The Infinity of an Eight

Eight used to be my lucky number. Three eights in every phone number. All great things come in eights… Eight pencils, eight tennis balls, eight t-shirts, eight shoes.Turn an eight sideways, it is an infinity sign. I used to think that meant something. The eighth person, on the eighth month, was supposed to be infinity… Forever.

One – Honey, this just isn’t going to work.

Two – We’re just two different.

Three – Oh and too busy!

Four – All those things that we used to do…

Five – Just aren’t the same anymore.

Six – And I’m just not the same person anymore.

Seven – I hope you understand.

Eight – Why this just isn’t going to work… Anymore.

And all it took, was eight seconds to realize that¬†everything could change. Everything. Did. Change. Eight seconds later, the whole world could topple upside down. Eight seconds later, the sun could crash into the Earth. Eight seconds later, zombies could take over the world. But in reality, eight seconds, was all I needed to turn a smile upside down… To turn that infinity back into another eight.


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